Our offers


Kindergarten is intended for children aged at least four and is normally attended for two years. Depending on existing language skills, we deepen knowledge of German and/or English and prepare the child for all fields of learning at primary school. All lessons are given by native speaker teachers, half in German and half in English.


Primary school

Based on the prescribed curricula, primary school teaching builds on the competencies gained in the previous years at kindergarten. Differentiated instruction supports individual learning, both with regard to academic abilities and personality development.


Pre-college/Secondary school

Our bilingual pre-college (“Progymnasium” – lower stage of grammar school) prepares students for our English-language college (grammar school) as well as for continuing public or international schools.



Our college (“Gymnasium” – grammar school) prepares students for an international university entrance qualification (A levels) over a period of four years. This is the most common and recognised university entrance qualification in the world.