Focus is on academic learning within a homogeneous group.
In Mathematics, we help all students to develop their mathematical thinking skills further: abstract and spatial thought, problem-solving strategies are key elements of lessons.
Linguistic and literary competencies of the curricula are conveyed by native speakers in German, English and French using modern didactics and methods.
Natural Science, Sport, Art and Music are further important components of teaching, broadening horizons and promoting differentiated learning.

Goals of pre-college/secondary school
  • Preparation for continuing schools
  • Promotion of linguistic and literary competence in German, English and French
  • Association of existing knowledge with new knowledge and extension of networked thinking
  • Personality development: communication of values and development of efficient and individual learning attitude and strategy
We offer
  • Qualified, dedicated subject teachers who are native speakers
  • Balanced number of subjects in German and English
  • Small classes
  • Personal support of our students
  • Preparation for our English-language college (grammar school) or continuing public or international schools

Our curriculum is based on the official curriculum of the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the standard of the Cambridge International curriculum. Students also form teams to work on projects on different subjects, which they present to their class.


Lessons at our secondary school/pre-college are from 8:30 to 16:30 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and from 8:30 to 11:50 on Wednesday and Friday.
A comprehensive after-school programme until 18:00 is available within the scope of our day care service for all children who want to stay longer.

After-school programme

Our after-school programme is run by qualified and experienced staff. The programme aims to promote social competence, empowerment, personal responsibility and creativity of the children. Participation is strength-based: the children should feel like taking part and be able to experience their own sense of achievement. Our clubs are open in the sense that children can try them out and switch clubs within a school year.


• Homework Club

In the afternoon, our students can fulfil their homework responsibilities and work on the individual weekly goals. The homework is set in such a way that it can be done in the homework club.(TIMETABLE DEPENDANT)


• Sport Club

In our Sport Club, students children have the opportunity to lern different types of team sports.


• Art Club

In Art Club, children discover their artistic talent by working with many different materials, be it water colours, coloured pencils or clay.


• School Band

Students who play or sing an instrument are welcome to join our school band


• Cooking Club

In our Cooking Club, our children learn a lot about healthy nutrition alongside cooking together.


• Dance Club

Students learn different combinations of steps and choreographies. They improve their sense of rhythm, work on mobility and express their feelings for music with joy.

Monolingual students

academia language school (academia-language.ch) is an ideal partner to provide support where required. The language school is one of the largest in Switzerland, with many years of experience in teaching languages to adults, adolescents and children. This allows us to offer intensive language lessons tailored to meet the learning requirements of our new students. Thanks to this intensive and individualised language support, we are able to accept students with little knowledge of English or German at any time during the year.

Registration/School fees

We would be very pleased to invite you and your family to come and have a look at the school and answer your questions. If you are interested, your child can attend the academia primary school for a trial week to get to know our teachers, other students and daily life at the school.


To organise this, please contact us by telephone at +41 61 20 00 or by e-mail under aisbilingual@academia-international.notexisting@nodomain.comch

We look forward to hearing from you!