Our offer

Program target group
  • German-speaking students who like English
  • Non-German-speaking students who want to learn German
  • Students with good motivation and learning ability wishing to gain professional experience in addition to an international university entrance qualification
  • Students who need guidance, who are not quite sure about which career to choose or who wish to make optimal academic use of the time spent choosing a career
  • Students and families who come to Switzerland from abroad, who do not yet have an adequate command of German, but want to start with practice-oriented vocational training quickly


Completion of secondary schooling in Switzerland or an adequate education abroad (middle/secondary school), linguistic talent as well as great interest and potential with regard to completing vocational training in English and German.

Preparing for the future

Our key training areas are Business and MINT subjects (Mathematics, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Natural Sciences and Technology). This offers access to numerous future-oriented areas of work, which are changing significantly at the moment. Our graduates are therefore optimally prepared for the future. It is essential for many companies with an international focus to find, form and develop talented staff. Students and adults who consider an international environment attractive and who feel at ease with English have the best prerequisites for a professional career. 

Career Program und International A levels

International university entrance qualification combined with vocational training!

academia International School prepares students for an international university entrance qualification (A levels). This is the most common and recognised university entrance qualification in the world. Furthermore, the flexibility and opportunity to study a subject in depth provides a very attractive foundation for studying in Switzerland or anywhere in the world (160 countries), while preparing students for a future international career. The career program splits the week into two studying days and three working days.

Structure and focus

Students first complete a foundation year in the Career Program. This is an initial basis for the international university entrance qualification and successful career entry. The international university entrance qualification program continues over four more years and is structured as follows: International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSEs) are obtained in the first two years. These provide a general education based on eight to ten subjects. In the course of the next two years, students consolidate their abilities in four Advanced Level subjects, selected according to aptitude and interests.

The advantage of International A levels is that they allow students to focus in an indepth manner on subjects which are important to their career and interests. Much of the content is project-based and practice-relevant, encouraging critical thinking and promoting the conversion of knowledge to competence.

Foundation Year

The foundation year – the first step towards an international professional career – reflects the desire to obtain an education for the future that is solid, academic and individual.

Our foundation year supports students and young adults at the beginning of the program. We build on a subject-specific basis, with focus on languages (English/ German), ICT, Mathematics and Biology. Simultaneously, students develop an understanding of Business Administration in combination with handson practical experience within various firms allowing them to decide where they would like to do their work placement.

Foundation year contents


Target is B2 – focus on correspondence


Target is B1 – focus on communication


Spelling, business correspondence, reading comprehension with focus on business and politics, general knowledge, presentation, negotiation


Basic knowledge, e.g. fractions, decimals, percentages, interest, algebra, as well as general knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics

Fundamentals of Business Administration/Accounting/Law

Business studies, accounting, book keeping, marketing, Swiss Code of Obligations/ Civil Code (OR/ZGB), Swiss political system etc.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Fundamentals of programming; fundamentals and application of apps, tools, internet, e-mail, social media as well as data/privacy protection etc.; use and application of Office resources (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.)

Interdisciplinary skills

Skills in communication, presentation, correspondence, professional conduct, negotiation, study methods as well as job application training.

Practical training

After successful application to the company, before or during the foundation year, students work in an international or internationally oriented environment for three days per week. A mentor supports the apprentices in the company. The students immerse themselves in everyday working life and develop solid know-how in a specific field, which they apply continuously and effectively during the period of training. Practical skills as well as attributes such as collaboration and creativity are then presented to the public in the form of project products and present to a broad public as project work. This process of on-the job training also provides young people with the opportunity to become acquainted with other company departments and areas of specialism: this goes towards building sound fundamental knowledge of their field of work. The academia International Business Career Program does not focus on isolated occupations, but offers apprentices a broad practical relation to different branches and job profiles. Since the development of job profiles is subject to rapid change, our program is specifically designed to allow graduates to come equipped with ideal skills for new occupations and future courses of study.

Qualifications and subjects

The qualification gained through the academia International Career Program with focus on Economics & Business Administration gives graduates access to numerous universities and universities of applied sciences in Switzerland and all over the world. Graduates of the program obtain an International University Entrance Qualification/ International A Levels diploma as well as a business title (e.g. academia International Management Assistant).

If the aspired level is not reached, there is an opportunity to repeat individual subjects after the program. Access to the best universities can therefore be gained with a relatively limited investment of time. This is possible in parallel with work, keeping individual income secure and opening up additional career chances.

Partnership and advantages

academia International School (ais) not only functions as a school, but also assumes all administrative and pedagogical management with regard to this program. The academia Group is constantly in touch with parents, partner companies and mentors, thereby monitoring and supporting all placement students and/or apprentices in their learning and development. Coaches and coordinators within the academia Group function as an information hub, which helps us to keep motivation high and tackle challenges together.

Advantages for students/young adults/families:

  • Career choice and preparation year with focussed school and support program 
  • International university entrance qualification AND vocational training/experience 
  • Language training (English, German as well as others) 
  • Opens up a diversity of career and educational paths 
  • Experience in international companies/in an international setting 
  • Access to universities of applied sciences and universities in Switzerland and all over the world 
  • Supervised program with support, coaching, intensive exchange between school, company in which practical experience is gained, parents and students 
  • Students receive apprentice wages from the company employing them, which benefits the students as well as the families.

Advantages for companies:

  • The academia Group is the main point of contact and coordination centre 
  • Apprentices are equipped with the basic requirements to join the company 
  • Vocational training focussed on the company and industry, supervision including foundation year 
  • Own development of future-compliant skilled and executive employees with potential 
  • Apprentices are intelligent, motivated and very well prepared before they join the company 
  • Vocational training agreements that have existed for many years create strong ties and trust 
  • Companies are involved in the design of future-compliant job profiles and training programs 
  • Flexibility and future orientation in collaboration and modularity 
  • Flexible, collaborative, and modular with a focus on the future
Finances and registration

The costs of this unique, dual and internationally oriented program are as follows: 

Foundation Year (1st year): CHF 26,100 

Career Program (2nd–5th year): CHF 18,000 per year 

Various financing models are possible 


Registration and further information:


academia International School

Dr. Ludovic Allenspach

Principal of academia International School (College/Gymnasium)


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academia International School

Bruno Geiger

Manager of International Vocational Education Switzerland


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