Our offer

Program target group
  • International and internationally oriented companies with the intention to develop their own talents flexibly and to carry out a tailor-made in-house project with us.
  • German-speaking young people with a preference for the English language.
  • Young, highly motivated people with an enormous learning ability who would like to acquire work experience in addition to the international Matura.
  • Young people and families coming to Switzerland from abroad who do not yet have sufficient command of German and still would like to start a practice-oriented education quickly.


  • Completed secondary school in Switzerland or an adequate education abroad (Middle/Secondary School), good language skills and vital interest and potential to complete the training in English and German.

Preparing for the future

Our training focuses on business/economics and MINT (mathematics, computer science (ICT), natural sciences and technology). This enables numerous future-oriented occupational fields that are currently undergoing major change – our graduates are optimally prepared for the future! For many companies that are internationally active or oriented, it is important to find, form, and develop their own talents. Young people and adults who like to work in an international environment and feel comfortable in the English language have the best prerequisites for a professional career!

Career Program und International A levels

The International Matura combined with vocational training!

The academia International School prepares students for the International Matura, the so-called International A-Levels, either within the company or in a group of companies. The learning contents are compared with the needs of the company and the contents relevant to the company are included in the curriculum.

The International Matura is the most completed and recognised Matura in the world. Due to its flexibility and the possibility of specialisation it offers a very attractive basis for studying in Switzerland or worldwide (160 countries) and thus enables pupils to pursue a future career in an international environment.

Structure and focus

The training lasts four years and is structured as follows: in the first two years the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is acquired. This is a general education course with six subjects (English, Maths, Science, Foreign Language, German, History). In the following one or two years students expand their skills in three to four Advanced Level subjects which are selected according to the subject (Tech/Science/Business).

The International A-Levels ignore unnecessary knowledge. They focus on relevant and interesting teaching materials that are close to reality. The contents are project-oriented, practice-relevant, inspire critical thinking and the advantage of International A-levels is that they allow students to focus in an in-depth manner on subjects which are important to their career and interests. Much of the content is project-based and practice-relevant, encourages critical thinking and promotes the conversion of knowledge to competence. The degree of employment in the company can be chosen by the company from 40–60 %. This can also vary and will be discussed in the preliminary discussions with the company. The company is also free to focus on training as there are no regulations in this regard.

Practical training

After successful application to the company, the young people work and learn for 40–60 % in an international or internationally oriented environment. A mentor is available to assist them and accompany the learners in the company. The young people immerse themselves in everyday working life and build up robust know-how in a specialist field which they apply continuously and successfully during their training and present to a broad public in project work. In addition, they get to know other departments and specialist areas in order to acquire a solid basic knowledge in their professional field.

The "academia International Career Program" does not focus on isolated professions, but offers learners a broadly diversified practical orientation in industries and job profiles. Since the development of job profiles is subject to rapid change, our program is designed in such a way that our graduates also have ideal skills and abilities for new professions and future courses of study.

Advantages for the company, advantages for learners

Advantages for companies:

  • academia is the main contact and coordination office
  • Company and sector-focused training
  • Own growth of future-oriented specialists and managers with potential
  • Long-term training agreements create deep ties and trust
  • Vocational profiles and training of the future are co-designed by companies
  • Flexibility and future orientation in cooperation and modularity
  • academia group relieves the enterprises by the central role for planning, coordination, learning control, coaching, communication and support
  • In the event of difficulties within the company, students have a backup plan: the International Matura, which they can complete at one of the colleges of the academia.
  • Possibility of global expansion (e. g. USA, Korea, South Africa, India etc.)


Advantages for young people/young adults/families:

  • International Matura AND vocational training/experience
  • Language support (English, German and others) Various options (connection, level, profession etc.)
  • Experience in international companies/in an international environment
  • Access to universities of applied sciences and universities both in Switzerland and worldwide
  • Accompanied program with support, coaching, intensive exchange between school, practice, parents, and young people
  • The young people receive an apprentice wage from the company which benefits them and their families.
  • Backup solution: individual failed subjects can also be repeated after training, each individual examination can be repeated as often as required
Contact and further information

Registration and further information:

academia International School

François Matthey

Manager of International Vocational Education Switzerland

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