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academia stands for highest quality

What quality means to us
We understand quality to mean that each and every one of our students – the youngest ones, those at primary school and the adolescent and almost adult students – is able to reach his/her goals with enthusiasm, passion and success.

How we measure quality
We measure the quality of our teaching by means of standardised Swiss and international performance tests assessing the competencies and goals achieved by the students, as well as through regular internal evaluations (parents, students, teachers, school management).

We also obtain frequent direct feedback regarding the quality of individual sectors of our school through a lively exchange with our students.

For us quality is expressed by self-confident and successful students as well as committed and satisfied parents and teachers.

What we do for good quality
Differentiated instruction requires a high degree of cooperation and coordination of teachers. academia ensures an active and transparent communication of learning and working processes to students. Teachers are involved in everyday school life on a regular basis. They are familiar with and appreciate the learning culture practised at our school.

From individual child to school management, we all live our service-oriented and positive attitude.

How we verify our quality
As a state-approved private school, we are under the supervision of the school authorities of the Cantons. As far as the English-language components are concerned, we are additionally monitored by the most well-known and renowned examination bodies in the world: Cambridge International Examinations and Pearson Edexcel.