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Our bilingual Preschool

Our bilingual Preschool teaches children the preliminaries of reading, writing and calculation as well as promoting their learning, social and action skills. An individual instruction plan focusing on the strengths and aptitudes of each child is developed by native speaker teachers. A combination of guided learning and supervised play offers an ideal environment for children to learn.
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What we offer:

Qualified and experienced bilingual preschool teaching staff, small groups, individual support and encouragement of every child, Team teaching, short input phases in the second language, specialised foreign language teaching material. Daily activities such as dancing, singing, music, art, sports and swimming, forest days, extensive after-school programme. Holiday clubs and a school bus service are also offered.


Teaching in our bilingual Preschool is based on the curriculum for the Canton of Basel-Stadt and the Cambridge International curriculum. This ensures compatibility with public and private schools in Switzerland and worldwide. Our individual teaching programmes allow us to specifically develop the talents and abilities of each child.

The children are taught by a native German-speaking teacher as well as a native English-speaking teacher. The German-speaking teacher only speaks with the children in German, while the English-speaking teacher only speaks in English. The foreign language to be mastered is spoken during the guided learning sessions to help the children feel quickly at ease with the new language. The children are free to communicate in the language of their choice during the supervised play times.

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Our bilingual Preschool starts at 8.30 (arrival from 8.00). Children stay until 11.50 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and until 16.30 on Tuesday and Thursday. For children who would like to stay longer, we offer an extensive after-school programme until 18.00. Students are welcome to stay for lunch.

Timetable Preschool

After-school programme

Our after-school programme is run by experienced and qualified persons. The programme helps to advance action and social skills as well as developing individual responsibility and creativity. The flexible organisation of our mini clubs in Kindergarten allows the children to try different activities that match their skills and interests.


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Our clubs

academia International School Basel - Sport Club

Mini Swimming Club
The main focus in our swimming club is on a variety of fun water games. Additionally our swim instructors will introduce the children to the basics of swimming.

academia International School Basel - Adventure Club

Mini Adventure Club
Children experience adventures as a group, such as tackling a climbing wall, visiting a farm, building a hut, visiting the zoo or other interesting exhibitions.

academia International School Basel - Cooking Club

Mini Cooking Club
Apart from cooking together, children practice maths (measurements) and learn about healthy eating.


You are very welcome to visit our Preschool with your child. Your child is also welcome to come for a trial week.

Please make an appointment with us by phoning Tel. 061 260 20 00 or by sending an e-mail to:

We look forward to hearing from you!


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