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Our English-language College

Our four-year English-language College prepares students for an international higher education entrance qualification called A Levels.

What we offer:

a qualification recognised in Switzerland and worldwide, experienced, motivated and committed teachers, small classes, English as the language of instruction, supervised homework and study periods, comprehensive preparation for higher education.

We attach importance to:

Focus on the key subjects, promotion of excellence in all subjects, promotion of independent, critical thinking and evaluation. Focus on the ability to research, plan and give presentations. Focus on the importance of linking these academic skills to real life uses.



At our College we follow the UK system of IGCSE’s A/S and A levels using the Cambridge International and Edexcel Curricula. Students follow a standard 4 year path to University entrance and are examined after the first 2 years, the 3rd and 4th year...

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Our students can select the following subjects:

English as a 1st language Mathematics 
English as a 2nd language German
English Literature French
Mathematics Spanish
Double Science Italian
German Biology
French Physics
Spanish Geography
Italian History
Geography Economics
Business Studies  

We also offer courses in Academic English and Intensive English.

Recognition in Switzerland

The general conditions for admission specified by the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities are as follows:

at least two IGCSE Levels, one AS Level and three A Levels in general-education subjects, one of which must be Mathematics or a Natural Science, are considered to fulfil the admission requirements of Swiss universities...

Recognition abroad

A Levels are generally recognised as a qualification for entrance to higher education all over the world, although regulations may vary from country to country...

Grading system

The A Level assessment system (grades A–U) is different to the one normally used in Switzerland (grades 1–6). An A is awarded for achievement of more than 90% of the maximum possible points...


You are very welcome to visit our College with your child. Your child can also try us out in the course of a trial week.

Please make an appointment with the Principal by phoning
Tel. 061 260 20 80
or by sending an e-mail to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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