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Founded as a joint stock company in 2005, academia is active in the following educational areas:

Provision of international schooling (academia International School)
Teaching languages (academia Language Centres)
Tutoring for children and young persons (academia learning)

academia Language Centres offer instruction in all languages – for children and adults, for beginners and advanced learners, or for private individuals and companies. Lessons are provided on an individual basis or for small groups, in daytime or evening courses, at our school or on your business premises. academia Language Centres are primarily aimed at participants who are accustomed to receive training, with business clients making up about 80% of our course attendants.

academia learning offers tutoring at all school levels and in all school subjects. Rather than focusing only on what has to be learnt, tutoring takes into account the way each child learns and the special study requirements of adolescents. Our tuition aims to achieve compatibility of students with the requirements of regular teaching environments. We provide courses that prepare for examinations, private tuition, intensive vacation courses and individual full-day solutions as alternatives to state school attendance.

academia International School offers full-day international schooling in Basel – from preschool to qualification for university entrance.

Over 500 employees work at academia schools in locations all over Switzerland including Basel, Zurich, Bern, Lucerne, Visp, Caslano, Lausanne, Sissach, Zug and Reinach BL.

English speaking primary teacher 42.9%

academia International Team Preschool / Primary School / Precollege

academia International School Basel - Jarrod Brauer


Jarrod Brauer

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academia International School Basel - Katherine Ashby

After School Coordinator

Katherine Ashby

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Leslie Vogel

Head of Administration and Organisation

Leslie Vogel

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Preschool / Kindergarten

Madelaine Bernardy
Gilbert Hofmann (Trainee)
Eleni Kaden
Sasha Mazzotti

Primary 1–3

Christine Berger (Arts)
Cordula Bornhof
Katharina Brändle (Music)
Anna-Maria von der Brelie
Cedric Lopez (French)
Daniel Lorenz (Sports & Swimming)
Carolyn Van Lydegraf 
Cameron Stevens (Enrichment)

Primary 4–5

Christine Berger (Arts)
Katharina Brändle (Music)
Miriam Glöckner
Daniel Lorenz (Sports & Swimming)
Cameron Stevens (Enrichment)
Tammy Wood
Leah Morgan
Cindy Porter (Französisch)

Primary 6 / Precollege 7-8

Christine Berger (Arts)
Marian Black (Science)
Katharina Brändle (Music)
Nicole Coulibaly (German)
Cyrill Lopez (Mathematics & Geography)
Daniel Lorenz (English, Sports & Swimming)
Ron Pataki (History)
Cindy Porter (French)
Antonia Stockwell (Science)


Alessa Caruso
Anna Hauser
Ryan Locker
Caroline Misteli
Cameron Stevens
Alisa Frmic
Basil Nydegger

Support Teachers

Katharina Brändle
Jacob Dixon  
Ryan Locker
Claudia Reinau 

Enrichment Teacher
Douglas Hopkins

School Bus

Nicolò Vitto
Riccardo Wittlin
Christoph Züllig
Sebahattin Canbaz

Facility Management

Nicolò Vitto

academia International School Team College



Dr. Ludovic Allenspach

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academia International School Basel - Steph Wimmer

Academic Director

Steph Wimmer

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Head of Administration and Organisation

Layla Jenny

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academia International School Basel - Josy Lichtsteiner

Exams Director

Josy Lichtsteiner

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Gareth Jones
Joanna Kim
Stephanie Wimmer-Davison


Françoise Garaud
Cindy Porter


Nicole Coulibaly
Heidi Haas
Matthias Verroen


Maria Miranda


Linda Padrini


Michael Anklin
Ron Pataki


Sarvani Akella
Michelle Keates
Maria Cecilia Kuhn
Josy Lichtsteiner


Sarvani Akella
Josy Lichtsteiner


Marian Black
Antonia Stockwell
Carol Tye


Nicole Rösch


Christine Berger

Extended Essay

Ron Pataki
Nicole Rösch

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